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Experiential outdoor school-trips that share the knowledge young explorers will find useful for living a healthier, fuller and more connected life

Basecamp Mussoorie: Located at an altitude of 7000 ft, we are ideally placed to curate outdoor trips through which students and explorers can learn about the Himalaya and also develop their own skills and knowledge about the great outdoors and environment around the region.

Our objective is to integrate outdoor programmes that provide a meaningful connection with nature and positively impact learning, through life-changing experiences that help in shaping responsible citizens.

We take the guess work out of programming, coordination, safety and fun, and provide full-day/overnight adventures that young explorers won't forget.

From supplemental experiential learning to organised family outings, we work with schools, youth programs and parents across all groups to engage children from grade five onwards in Outdoor Learning Experiences designed to cover one or more topics like:

  • Creating awareness of Himalayan Biodiversity /& Geography
  • Recognising flora and fauna of the region
  • Learning about the people and culture of our region through Village Homestay
  • Knowledge about mountain agriculture/farming methods and primitive skills
  • Appreciating the beauty of the Himalaya and Importance of its conservation
  • Learning about the 'Human-Animal Conflict' in the Himalayan Region
  • Basics of Outdoor living/survival skills, backcountry search and rescue, & wilderness first-aid
  • Teamwork and team building exercises
  • Visits to villages, nature reserves, community service engagements and more…

Our team of certified instructors, experienced naturalists, outdoor educators and wilderness first responders, manage planning to transportation and fun, creating trips that complement your curricula, support sustainability, outdoor skills, teamwork/leadership and of course, are a blast!

World Environmental Education & Awareness Initiative

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Knowledge resources for sessions include - maps, subject-specific texts, films-music documentaries and outdoor tactical gear. In addition, we network with experts from outside to provide curricular enrichment.

From hiking/nature activities to outdoor education, we’re committed to making the natural world available and accessible to every student, regardless of their resources.

Help us fulfil the dream of connecting youth to nature, one student at a time.