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Explore the Himalaya through, outdoor learning, cultural and natural heritage, traditional arts, literature and community development through village visits

Village trips are the best way to explore the local communities in Himalaya:

For travellers it is a great to establish meaningful connections with local people, and gain a greater understanding of cultural and natural heritage of the Himalayan region in Uttarakhand.

Featured Village Communities

Sustainable Development of Uttarakhand Villages

Village trips and homestay, deeply strengthens the sustainability of local communities by providing livelihood through hospitality and tourism related jobs, in a local or village-based workplace.

Uttarakhand villages offer unmatched natural forests and mountain locations for brief or extended trips; outdoor-nature activities, adventure-sports, yoga-wellness, environmental education, events-festivals and traditional homestay

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The Ghost Villages of Uttarakhand

Local farmers, traders and people of the hills are migrating towards the cities, which has led to villages where once societies resided that are now abandoned.

According to a survey by Uttarakhand Migration Commission (2016-17) 968 villages have been declared “Ghost Villages”. These villages have been completely abandoned by the natives of the area. Now these villages are struggling for their existence.

Our effort is to spread awareness on reverse migration "Palayan" which is perhaps the biggest impediment in the sustainable development of mountain villages, by encouraging ethical exploration of these Himalayan communities and responsible tourism which can provide new employment opportunities and can also preserve the culture of Uttarakhand.