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Timli Forest Rest House:


Timli FRH is closed to Herbertpur town on the Saharanpur-Ponta Sahib road. Built in 1920, it is used for training of forest officers. From the FRH a good drive though mixed forests of sal, sain and sisso is on the Mullward forest road to the Malhan range and the FRH. Further the road connects to Asarori range leading to Kadwapani FRH which is around 40km. The drive to Asan barrage wetland to see the winter migratory birds and enjoy water sports is worthwhile. In kalsi, close to the FRH one can see the Ashoka rock edict which is national monument. The village of Timli has a beautifully haveli's with wall paintings.

  • This was an amazing experience! And overcoming my fear of heights was the best part of it! From rocky walks to slippery ones, everything was perfect! Connecting with nature and knowing the real importance of it, makes me realise how careful we have to be at our every step. And I am very thankful that we had perfect people /teachers to guide us and making us believe in ourselves. Also segregating the waste sought me to help my surroundings clean. - Puallu Sharma (Student, Grade 10)

About Timli Forest Rest House:


Elevation : 575m AMSL.

Year of Construction: 1920


Location : On Dehradun-Ponta Sahib bypass road. 5km from Darmawala Chowk on Saharanpur road. NH-72 Saharanpur-Chakrata road between milestones 65-72.



Nature & Surroundings: 


- Surrounded by beautiful Sal and mixed forests. View of Shiwalik mountain ranges.



- Asan Conservation Reserve and famous Ponta Sahib Gurudwara and Shakumbari Devi Temple (35km).


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